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Crop-Hail insures crops against much more than hail damage. In most cases, crops are also covered against loss due to fire while the crop is in the field, and numerous other perils are insured while the crop is in transit to the first place of storage. A Crop-Hail policy will also provide broad coverage on some crops while the crop is in storage. For some crops, other perils such as wind or winterkill can also be added to a Great American Crop-Hail policy. In most cases, a Crop-Hail policy will insure up to 100% of the expected value of a crop.

Multiple Peril Crop Insurance provides peace of mind by helping the farmer avoid financial interruptions in a bad year.

MPCI was developed by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation and provides coverage against unavoidable crop loss for most crops. MPCI has evolved into numerous products which offer farmers protection against a reduction in yield due to unavoidable crop losses caused by acts of nature or disease as well as revenue protection caused by market fluctuations. Farmers have product choices that range from individual production and/or revenue plans to protection based on county yields and prices. 

The United States currently produces about 163 million pounds of honey each year. The following insurance programs utilize various indexing systems to assess plant growth and vigor, which correlates to honey production.

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Pasture, Rangeland, and forages cover approximately 55 percent of all U.S. land. Forage grows differently in different areas, so it's important for farmers and ranchers to know which types and techniques work best for their region. The following insurance program is available for Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage (PRF). Also see livestock policies or PRF NAP Table.

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Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) provides a risk management safety net for all commodities on the farm under one insurance policy and is available in all counties nationwide. This insurance plan is tailored for any farm with up to $8.5 million in insured revenue, including farms with specialty or organic commodities (both crops and livestock), or those marketing to local, regional, farm-identity preserved, specialty, or direct markets.

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Buying a livestock insurance policy is one risk management option. Producers should always carefully consider how a policy will work in conjunction with their other risk management strategies to insure the best possible outcome.

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