About Sumner Ag Services

The Sumner Agency, Inc. was started in 1987 by David Sumner, who has an extensive background in Agriculture. Upon starting The Sumner Agency, David Sumner began to work with farmers to protect all of their assets including Crop Insurance. 

Over the years we tried to monitor the changes with the Farm Programs as well as Crop Insurance. With the extensive changes brought about in the 2008 Farm Bill, and realizing the need with the AG Community to help stay abreast with the changing Farms Bills, we have continued to monitor these changes. We then realized the importance of utilizing all the available tools, whether being FSA Programs or Crop Insurance to form what is today considered Farm Safety Net by USDA.

For the last several years our operation has expanded to include customers across the South East United States. In 2015 David Sumner separated all of the Farm Services from The Sumner Agency, Inc., and formed Sumner AG Services, Inc. to better align with what our mission and goals are. 

We have extensive “on farm” knowledge and understand all aspects of farming operations.

What sets us apart from others is that we spend about 80% of our time consulting with our customers to give them the tools to maximize their income on their farm operations. We have developed tools to assist our customers in maximizing Farm Service Agencies “FSA” Programs. We have also developed tools to help our customers in letting them determine the best level of coverage, as well as a combination of programs to maximize protection on their operations.

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